Industrial Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating for industrial floorsSafety is always the number one priority of any industrial facility. Old concrete floors can easily become a safety hazard, especially if they are exposed to chemicals or heavy traffic on a regular basis. Traditional concrete floors are easily chipped and fractured. On a floor that experiences a lot of employee movement, even a small crater in your concrete floor can cause a significant mishap. An unprotected concrete floor makes for a poor and unsafe industrial surface. However, a concrete floor that is coated with epoxy paint can improve productivity and safety, and it will look professional, too. Bach Custom Coatings is a company that specializes in transforming dull concrete slabs into durable and aesthetically pleasing floors. We install some of the most impressive epoxy floors in Portland, Oregon. We have listed a few of the benefits and advantages of using an epoxy coating in your business or industrial workplace.

When you imagine an industrial facility, you probably envision old, cracked and stained concrete floors that haven’t been cleaned in years. With epoxy coating, you can completely transform the look, feel and function of your floors. One of the main advantages of epoxy coating is that it is extremely durable and is nearly impossible to dent, crack or chip. Vehicles can be driven over an epoxy-coated floor repeatedly without causing any damage. Epoxy also stands up very well to heavy impacts, so when you drop heavy objects on your coated concrete floor, you won’t have to worry about causing any lasting damage. A warehouse that uses fork lifts to transport heavy loads could benefit greatly from epoxy coating.

Concrete is a very porous material. Oil that is spilled on concrete will seep deep into your floors and result in a permanent stain. Concrete that is covered in water or chemicals is very slick and is not safe to walk on. Also, the craters on a heavily-used concrete floor attract all kinds of dust, dirt and debris. An epoxy-coated floor will be much easier to clean.  Not only do epoxy coatings effectively repel water, chemicals, and other substances, but they can also be applied with slip-resistant finishes. Texture can be added to an epoxy coating to provide outstanding traction. You can easily designate loading zones and organize your workplace by using different-colored epoxy coatings in certain areas. On top of all of that, epoxy coatings are also heat resistant.

One of the most obvious benefits of coating your floors with high quality epoxy paint is that they will look much, much better. Concrete floors that are stained and cracked reflect poorly on your business. With an epoxy coating, you can make your floors safer while also giving them a high-gloss shine. You can select a pattern for your floor or just stick with one or two colors. Either way, it will be a major upgrade over your plain concrete surfaces. Epoxy is an affordable and effective method for enhancing your concrete floors. They require minimal maintenance, and will last for a very long time.

Epoxy Floors Portland Oregon

Coating the entire surface of your business or industrial facility is a large undertaking, and is often better left to the professionals. At Bach Custom Coatings, we have installed hundreds of epoxy floors in both residential and industrial properties. We can install one for you quickly and efficiently. 

The Advantages of Epoxy Coating

Designer Epoxy FlooringA concrete floor is dull, uninviting and unsafe to work on. As time goes by, your concrete floors will only deteriorate further. An epoxy coating solves all of these problems, and can greatly enhance any concrete surface in your home or business. At Bach Custom Coatings, we specialize in working with epoxy paints and other concrete coating materials. We can transform your warehouse, kitchen or garage floor in Portland, Oregon into a work of art. Below we have outlined a few of the benefits that come with coating your concrete floors with epoxy.

First of all, epoxy-coated concrete floors are much more pleasing to look at than concrete slabs. They can be applied with a glossy shine that mimics the look of marble or metal. They can also be completely customized. You can choose to go with one or two colors for your entire floor, or you can choose to mix it up and create an artistic design or pattern.

Epoxy coatings also improve the safety of a traditional concrete floor. Concrete floors chip and crack easily, they absorb liquids and chemicals and they can be very difficult to clean. Epoxy floors can be textured to provide better traction, and they are highly resistant to chemical spills, heavy impacts, fire and water. Unlike concrete floors, which are often uneven or covered with ruts and fractures, epoxy floors provide a perfectly even surface that is much easier to clean at the end of the day. They will also last much longer and require very little in the way of maintenance.

Epoxy Floor Portland Oregon

If you are interested in getting an epoxy floor in Portland, Oregon, the professionals at Bach Custom Coatings can handle any project. We have installed hundreds of epoxy and acid stain floors throughout the Portland metro area, so we have the expertise to do the job right the first time.

Preparing Your Floor For An Acid Stain

Acd stained concrete basement garage flooring Bach Custom Coatings Portland ORA decorative acid stain is an affordable and simple way to revitalize any of your old concrete floors. However, if you want to ensure that your acid stain floor lasts a long time and looks great, you have to pay extra attention to the surface preparation phase. If you don’t then you could end up with a pretty terrible looking floor. If you are interested in upgrading a concrete surface with an acid stain in Portland, Oregon, Bach Custom Coatings has successfully completed hundreds of floors throughout the city. We have written this short guide to outline the main steps of preparing a surface for an acid stain.

Unlike epoxy coatings, decorative acid stains are transparent. If there is a stain or an imperfection on the original concrete surface it will likely show through once the acid stain is complete. Chemical acid stains work by using mild acid and metallic salts to create a chemical reaction. The acid opens up deep pores in the concrete, which allows the metallic salts to interact with the free-lime and calcium.

In order to work, an acid stain must be absorbed deep into the concrete. Substances like oil and grease prevent the acid stain chemicals from penetrating the concrete and mixing with the lime. You have to completely clean your concrete floor before it is ready for an acid stain. At a minimum, you can use chemical strippers or concrete cleaning products to make sure that your floor is spotless.

There are hundreds of different products out there, so you will have to do some research to determine which products work best to remove certain stains. Aggressively cleaning the entire surface of your concrete floor with a scrub brush until it is immaculate is a good start. The cleaner the surface, the better the acid stain will look in the end, but even utilizing these techniques will most likely not effectively prepare the floor for an acid stain.

At Bach Custom Coatings, we use professional techniques. including diamond grinding, that will ensure the floor is ready for an acid stain that will last for many years to come.

Acid Stain For Concrete Floors Portland Oregon

It can be difficult and time-consuming to carefully scrub an entire concrete floor by yourself and renting machinery can be cost prohibitive, which is why it is often better to let the professionals handle acid staining. At Bach Custom Coatings, we can turn your boring kitchen, basement or garage floor in Portland, Oregon into a work of art.

The Advantages of Diamond Grinding Concrete Surfaces

Diamond grinding concreteCoating your concrete garage or basement floor takes a substantial amount of hard work and preparation. You have to make sure that your concrete surface is free of any dirt, oil or other contaminants, and you also have to make sure that the surface is at the correct “profile” to accept a new coating. A state-of-the-art diamond grinder is the best way to go about preparing a concrete surface. At Bach Custom Coatings, we use powerful diamond grinders to properly prepare a surface for our concrete floor coatings. Below we have listed some of the advantages of using a diamond grinder.

Diamond grinding is unique in that it removes contaminants from concrete surfaces while simultaneously leveling those surfaces out. Any oil spills or other nasty stains will removed during the diamond grinding process. The diamond grinder is very precise and comes with a dust containment system that is designed to prevent dust from circulating, which can be a big problem with other surface preparation techniques. Another advantage to diamond grinding is that after you have ground the entirety of your concrete surface, it will be left with a even profile that is ideal for bonding with sealers or thin epoxy coatings. The materials will bond much more effectively with a surface that is prepared properly and free of contaminants and will last much longer as a result.

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When it comes to using diamond grinding equipment and epoxy floor coatings, it is often better to let the professionals handle it. Diamond grinding takes a lot of skill and patience and is very time-intensive. At Bach Custom Coating, we have many years of experience working with diamond grinders to deliver our high quality custom concrete coatings.

Improving Drainage in Your Garage or Basement

improving drainage in your basementMoisture is the enemy of any epoxy concrete coating. Even a small amount of moisture trapped between the seal and the concrete can cause a coating to fail. In some basements and garages, drainage problems make the concrete surfaces impossible to work with. At Bach Custom Coatings, we specialize in applying Portland garage floor coatings, basement coatings and many other custom concrete coatings. We have compiled a few helpful tips that can show you how you can improve drainage in and around your concrete surfaces to help prepare them for successful coating.

In some garages and in many basements, moisture is ever present. Poor drainage or broken pipes can cause water to leak into and under your concrete surfaces. Over time this can cause damage to the concrete and it will make it impossible to apply a coating. One thing you can do to improve drainage is to insure the roof gutters and downspouts on your home are cleaned and allow the water to flow though them unobstructed. Roof gutters pipe away all of the water that would otherwise be pooling up around your foundation. Another thing you can do is slope the soil away from your home. This ensures that water will flow away from your home rather than into it. If your concrete is damp or wet to the touch, it could mean you have a broken or leaking pipe. Leaking pipes located inside or below a concrete slab can wreak havoc on the concrete over time. In extreme cases you may need a perimeter drain installed to catch the accumulating water and have it pumped away from your property via a sump pump.

Portland Oregon Garage Floors

Here at Bach Custom Coatings, we are adept at preparing your Portland Oregon garage floor for our professional concrete coatings. If you are having issues with moisture, give us a call and we can take a look at the problem for you.