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We understand you are likely to have several questions when considering a concrete floor coating. At Bach Custom Coatings we encourage you to ask them, and we also know you deserve clear, honest answers.

Whether you’re considering a project for your home or business, we want you to be well informed. Exploring these questions in depth ensures you’ll be able to make the best possible decisions about what type of system to install and will help you determine that we are the best company to perform this important work.

Listed below are some of the more commonly asked questions we hear from our clients. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of these or any other questions you might have.

What's this going to cost to get my concrete floors coated?
There are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of any coatings project, such as the size, style of coating selected and the condition of the existing concrete slab. We will gladly perform an onsite evaluation and provide a clear and easy to understand, written quote. As a matter of convenience, we accept all major credit cards, checks and do offer a discount for cash payments.
What about the do-it-yourself kits at the home improvement or paint stores? I’m a pretty good painter. Can I do it myself?
For a variety of reasons, many of these DIY coatings fail. The sub-standard materials that can be bought over the counter are often the lowest priced products available and they are a poor substitute for the professional grade materials we use. The old cliché, “You get what you pay for” definitely applies to concrete coatings.

The other major reason DYI coatings fail is because of inferior surface preparation. To achieve quality results it’s paramount that the proper equipment be used. As a homeowner, obtaining this equipment is usually not possible, or in those rare instances when it is, it’s generally very cost prohibitive. Surface preparation and application of a concrete coating is one project that is better left to the professionals like Bach Custom Coatings.

This stuff looks great when it's new, but what about when it's a few years old?
Outside of normal wear you should expect your professionally installed floor to look great for many years to come. It’s not uncommon after five plus years to hear our clients say, “It looks like it was installed yesterday!”
I read somewhere about high moisture being a problem. I don't see any water on my floor, so what's the problem?
It’s the water you don’t see that’s the problem. Being porous, concrete constantly wicks up moisture from the ground, and here in the northwest there’s certainly no shortage of ground water.

We have access to specially formulated materials that are designed to handle excessive amounts of moisture vapor emissions on surfaces that are subject to hydrostatic pressure.

What happens if something gets spilled or a car leaks on it?
One of the benefits to having a concrete coating installed is that it will be very easy to clean and maintain. Because the surface has been sealed with an industrial grade coating, it will be impervious to most household chemicals.
Does it make a huge, dusty mess during the installation?

Although it’s impossible to obtain a 100% dust-free environment, we are able to keep airborne particulates to an absolute minimum by using high-efficiency vacuum systems on all of our surface preparation equipment.

We take every precaution to minimize the disruption of the airspace within the work area and are accustomed to working in spaces where sensitivity to the surrounding environment is a necessity.

Will hot tires peel the coating off the floor?
No, they won’t. Because of the extensive surface preparation we do, our coatings are able to bond to the concrete on a molecular level rather than just simply on the surface alone. This ensures the coatings we apply will not delaminate because of hot tires.
What do I do with all the stuff in my garage while the work is being done?
With the majority of garage floors taking just a single day, your storage/work area will be returned to service quickly. For those with a large amount of items that need to be stored during the application process, there are short term storage solutions that can be delivered to your home or business. We can offer you help in this area should you need it.
Are there very many choices when it comes to color and style?
Yes there are. In fact, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. From custom colored flake floor systems to decorative quartz, to stains and dyes, we can find just the right look for your particular application.
How does a Bach Custom Coatings floor compare with its competitors?
We use only the best industrial quality materials available in the marketplace today. Unlike the large and impersonal national companies, we are able to use products from several manufactures. This ensures the materials you’re getting are the best suited for your floor rather than simply what’s available in a single product line.
What's the maintenance like for one of these floors? Are they easy to keep clean?
Because our coatings properly seal your concrete floor, maintenance will be incredibly easy. We recommend regular sweeping or the use of a leaf blower to remove dust and dirt from your new floor. Periodically mopping with a mild cleaning solution, such as Simple Green, can be done to remove any build up from undetected spills.
What about the cracks in the concrete?
During our on site evaluation of your project we will discuss what options are available for addressing the existing cracks. In most cases we will fill in the cracks, spalls and other imperfections leaving you with a smooth, uniform floor.
Can you go over the paint on my floor?
Going over an existing painted surface is typically not recommended, but what we will do is remove old paint, drywall mud, oil deposits, sealers and many other surface contaminates prior to installing a new flooring system for you.
How bad does it smell?
We have a wide range of products available for your project. Some are water based with little to no odor, others are solvent free or 100% solids materials that have a mild odor and others still contain various solvents and do have a strong odor. We will listen to your concerns and will work with you to recommend a product that is appropriate for your needs.
Is the finished floor coating slippery when it's wet?
Through the use of various textures and aggregates we can achieve any amount of slip resistance you require. From very aggressive finishes like the ones the US Navy uses on flight decks, to smooth, polished floors like the ones you find in many grocery stores, we can custom tailor a finish that will fit just what you need.
Do you offer a warranty on completed floors?

Yes, we fully warranty our floors against peeling, delamination and normal wear. For complete details, please contact us.

Do you have any references?
We are very proud to have earned the trust and respect of hundreds of homeowners and business professionals throughout the years.
Who does the installations?

Our crews have gone through extensive training and will show up to your job on time, in uniform and ready to work. Maintaining a professional atmosphere throughout the project is as important to us as it is to you.

Do you install cabinets too?
We do not install cabinets. We are well trained experts in the concrete floor preparation and coatings arena and we specialize in that field alone.

If you need cabinets installed or any other construction related trade such as a painter or drywall company, we can confidently refer you to a reputable contractor.

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