Surface Preparation

Outside of controlling moisture vapor emissions, the single most important step in any concrete coating application is the preparation of the surface.

Ninety percent or more of all coating failures can be traced back to the elimination of this critical step or simply performing it improperly. At Bach Custom Coatings, we understand this integral part of the process and utilize a variety of techniques to obtain optimal results.

The preferred method of creating a suitable surface profile is diamond grinding. By using various “grits” of specially cut synthetic diamonds along with precision machinery, we are able to glide across the surface of the concrete removing old coatings, mastics and adhesives as we go. Besides creating a surface that the coating will adhere to properly, unevenness in the slab’s terrain and other surface irregularities are also minimized during this process.

Another type of surface preparation is chemically etching the concrete. While there are certain situations where this is an acceptable solution, overall it is the least desirable means of readying the slab for a coating application. Great care must be used to ensure any and all of the chemicals used are neutralized and thoroughly rinsed to remove any residue, as even the smallest trace remaining can cause the coating that is applied afterward to improperly cure.

Disposal of the inert chemicals, environmental considerations and drying time once the process is complete are all concerns when selecting this means of preparing the concrete. We would strongly advise against using this method of surface preparation unless there simply isn’t any way to avoid it. Because of the potential for problems to arise from this type of preparation, we would also suggest this not be attempted by the homeowner.

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