Conversion of a garage to a man caveA popular homeowner trend right now is to convert your garage or basement into a  ‘man cave’. Some people even say that the modern home isn’t complete without a personal male sanctuary. We would have to agree.  It’s a smart way to use the extra space the basement or garage provides, and gives the man of the house his own space to practice his hobbies, play video games, or even just take a minute to relax. Psychologists and doctors even say that having a ‘man-space’ in your home is good for your marriage, family relationships and your stress levels, because having a personal space to get away from it all helps you manage tension and solve problems.

If you’re looking to convert your garage into a cool and relaxing man sanctuary,  we’ve made a list of five basic essentials to get you started. Bear in mind that everyone’s tastes are different, so what your space becomes is entirely dependent on what YOU need to do to relax.

1. Bar

Depending on your budget, your bar can be a fancy designer set up- or just a good fridge that has enough space for all your favorite beverages. What matters is that it keeps the drinks cold and doesn’t add too much to your electricity bill. Add a personal touch to your bar by considering choosing something to do with your favorite sports team or comic book hero. There are plenty of options out there, so keep looking until you find the right one that reflects your personal tastes (and impresses your buddies).

2. Easy chairs
Couch for a man cave.

One basic rule of having a man cave is that there must be a super comfortable place to hang out. Recliners are clearly the most popular choice here because they’re easy to find, super plush and of course- the gold standard for relaxing. A few standard Lay-Z Boy chairs should fit the bill, but there are of course a few hi-tech options available. Recliners with built in fridges, seat warmers or even video game consoles… the possibilities are endless.

3. Recreational gadgetsA pool table in a designer man cave.

Aside from purchasing a decent sized TV and a game console for your man space, it’s also a good idea to buy at least one thing that can be used as a social activity. Things like a pool table or a dart-board are pretty solid choices. That way, if you have friends over, you can instigate a bit of male bonding that doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around watching sports or drinking.

4. A sense of humor
Man cave decor

Got a funny poster your wife wouldn’t want you put up in the living room? Or a signed baseball jersey that was forbidden from being displayed in the bedroom? Your man cave is the perfect place for them. Don’t be afraid to decorate with things that make you laugh. There are no rules here, so let loose!

5. Custom flooringcustom_flooring_man_cave

Nothing spoils the sophisticated man cave vibe quite like old, chipped concrete flooring of your garage. A new epoxy floor coating or acid stain will update the room almost instantly. Why not do a custom floor that uses your favorite sports team’s colors?  Or a slick acid stain to give the room a more distinguished, vintage look?  With so many finish options- there’ll be something to suit everybody’s tastes.