Canby OR Concrete Basement Garage Floor Coatings

At Bach Custom Coatings we have many years of experience installing custom concrete floors in and around the Portland metro area, including Canby, OR. Our customers trust us to perform exceptional Canby concrete basement or garage floor coatings for residential homes and industrial floor coatings for commercial establishments. We are the premier concrete floor coating experts in the Canby, Oregon area.

Residential Concrete Basement Garage Floor Coatings

One of our main specialties at Bach Custom Coatings is doing residential projects. We have the experience, tools and materials to do a remarkable job on Canby garage coatings, basement coatings and driveway/patio coatings. With our skills and expertise, we can make your old garage or basement floors look shiny and brand new. Not only that, but our Canby epoxy floor coating service will greatly enhance the lifespan of your concrete, and will ensure that it doesn’t crack, chip or split for years and years. We also install the highest quality acid stain floors Canby has to offer which can turn any outdoor patio or driveway into a work of art. With our professional concrete coating, you can increase the value of your residential property.

Commercial Concrete Coatings

We also specialize in performing industrial floor coatings. Some businesses and facilities see a lot of foot traffic and heavy vehicle traffic. The concrete surfaces can wear down pretty quickly in environments like this, which is where we step in. Our first-rate coatings will protect your concrete floors for years, and will also give your business a sleeker and more professional look. Some examples of businesses that can benefit from our services include restaurants, automotive service centers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. We will perform the installation quickly and we will get the job done the right way the first time so that you can get back to business as soon as possible and avoid interruptions.

Service Area

We are proud to be able to include the city of Canby in our service area. We have a huge service area that includes the entire Portland metro area, as well as other areas in Oregon such as Seaside, Hood River, Clackamas, Cannon Beach and the surrounding areas. We even offer service in parts of southern Washington! Please contact us to find out more about our service area or the services that we can offer.

Garage Floor Coatings Portland OR Great 5 Star Review by Chris S.

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Published on Jul 7, 2015 (503) 860-9094

Garage Floor Coatings Portland OR reviews

New 5 Star Review

Bach is pretty awesome. I had a concrete floor in the basement with cracks and stains. It was pretty nasty. Now, it looks like it would be in the lobby of an amazing hotel or something like that. He ground it down, sealed it, stained it, etc. It is polished and looks great. If you are wavering on what to do with your basement concrete, check out Bach Coatings. It is pretty amazing what they can do with it.

Bach Custom Coatings
Oregon City OR

5 Tips For Building a Home Gym

It’s a new year, and that means that the masses have all adopted some kind of fitness resolution, turning your beloved sports club into something of a rookie zone. Because of the crowds, your workouts end up taking a little longer than they usually do and not everyone has time to wait around for someone to get off the treadmill. Sounds familiar, right? There are plenty of reasons why building a home gym is a good idea, and with the right equipment and a little know how, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s some handy advice to help you go big and stay home.

1. Before you begin, map out your fitness routine and get a whiteboard
Once you figure out how and what you’re training, you can determine how much space you’ll need and what equipment is required to get the most out of your workout. A whiteboard is a great investment for any home gym because it’s an easy way to track your progress, monitor your results as well as plan out your workout routines.

2. Buy some adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells
A great set of adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells are the foundation of any home gym, as weight training is an important part of keeping in shape. Adjustable dumbbells are also incredibly versatile, safe and cost effective as the range of exercises you can do with them is virtually endless.

3. Scour classifieds for gently used fitness equipment
Home gym experts say that 6 weeks after Christmas is a great time to buy gently used fitness gear as most people got their workout equipment as a gift and have since abandoned their fitness goals. So if you’re on a budget but need a few bigger items, your local craigslist is the place to go. Depending on your equipment needs, you should be able to find some really great deals on new gear that’s barely been used.

4. Invest in flooring
It’s more than likely that you’ve converted all that extra space in your garage or basement into your home gym, which means that you probably have a concrete floor. DIY gyms, particularly those that are Cross Fit orientated, can really benefit from having a non slip surface. If you drop weights on an unprotected surface you’re probably going to get cracks and chips. Cracks turn into fissures and chips turn into potholes over time. You can avoid this costly property damage with a few simple solutions. There are several floor mat products that provide padding and have slip resistant surfaces but these are very porous and provide temporary protection. Another option is a permanent slip resistant epoxy concrete coating. The coating will protect your floor from damage should you accidentally spill a beverage on it, as well as provide an added grip to keep you from slipping and falling if you get sweaty. Anything that protects your property from damage and keeps you safe is always a great investment.

5. Be patient. A great home gym isn’t built in a day
As your workout routine needs change and evolve, so will your home gym. The process of putting together the ultimate home gym takes time, commitment and a little bit of spare cash – so don’t give up and sign up for your nearest gym if things aren’t taking shape right away. If you’re patient and stick with it, you can enjoy the convenience of your perfect, personalized workout experience for years to come.

Home Gym Concrete Coatings

Workplace Updates: 5 Ways To Improve Your Office For The New Year

Many of us spend quite a lot of time in our workplaces, but we don’t spend enough time thinking about how to improve our workplace environment. As this year draws to a close, it might be time to assess the state of your office. A dull looking workplace doesn’t just compromise your employee’s level of comfort, it can also have a negative effect on a visitor’s overall impression of your business. A few improvements in your office environment can definitely boost morale and your bottom line, so here are 7 easy ways you can update your workplace for the new year.

Organize Your Space
Sometimes the best way to improve workflow is to give your workspace a little organizational makeover. It’s hard to be productive if you’re constantly looking for the tools you need to get your work done, so make sure the basics are close at hand and keep the non-essentials tucked away. Keep your desk clutter free by removing your pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. and put them into some easily accessible containers. Then move some of your oft-reached-for items to the front of your desk drawer or filing cabinets.

Invest In Corporate Signage
Corporate signage is one of the simplest and most effective ways you can reinforce your brand and display pride in your company. An eye-catching and attractive sign will do wonders for your business by projecting an air of professionalism and style.

Deal With Unsightly Cable Nests
Tangled wires and cables can make a space look messy and are also a tripping hazard. Take stock of your cable situation and implement an organizational solution that keeps wires out of sight and people out of harm’s way.

Install Epoxy Flooring
You might not be looking at the state of your office’s floors, but you can bet potential customers are. Outdated carpets and drab concrete floors can really hurt someone’s impression of your business. An epoxy floor coating can instantly update the appearance of any office. It’s an attractive, durable and fully customizable flooring solution that comes in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures. It’s perfect for just about any business or workplace due to the amazing amount of aesthetic options, and it’s also incredibly easy to maintain.

Display Your Work
Never underestimate the power of having framed pieces on your office’s walls, particularly if it’s work you’ve created. Frame projects you’ve worked on, photographs of last year’s company picnic or even an article in the paper that mentions your company’s community outreach. It helps reinforce your office’s culture and makes a great impression on potential customers and visitors.

Give It A Fresh Coat Of Paint
Painting your office is an obvious way to give it a fresh new look but certain paint colors can actually boost office morale and overall productivity in your employees. Try a zesty green for improved focus or a vibrant blue for enhanced creativity.

Clean Your Windows
Dirty, smudged windows can cast a pretty unkempt impression over your workplace. Restoring, cleaning or replacing any old windows will make your office seem much brighter and more inviting.

Hopefully these tips have got your office inspiration flowing. Here’s to a better, brighter workplace in the new year.

Slip Resistant Coatings and Winter Care For Concrete

Winter is naturally the time of year when your home experiences the most abuse from things like ice, rain and snow. If you have a home or business that has concrete or epoxy coated floors, you probably find that during the colder months, this flooring can become a bit of a hazard. In this post, you’ll find out exactly why this happens and what you can do to make your environment a little safer.

Epoxy Paint Floor Covering Portland Oregon

Why Does Your Garage Floor Become So Slippery In Winter?

This is due to the fact that resinous garage floor coatings such as epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea are non-porous, an if the proper texture has not been incorporated into the finish, the surface created is very smooth, almost like glass. While this type of surface looks great and is fine for dry conditions, it can become as slippery as an ice skating rink if the surface makes contact with water, mud, oils, or snow. One of the ways to combat this hazard is to incorporate a non slip additive into your epoxy floor coating.

What Is Safe-Grip?

Essentially, safe-grip is an additive to a coating that creates a non-slip texture on your smooth concrete surface, almost like a very fine sandpaper. After treating your floor with safe-grip, your concrete will be far less slippery when wet, and therefore much safer to walk on. If you live in a climate that experiences a significant amount of ice, water and snow in the wintertime, safe-grip is an absolute must have for your concrete floors. It’s your first line of defense against injuries caused by falling on a slippery surface.

Why is Safe-Grip A Smart Choice for Home and Businesses?

Simply put, a non slip coating on your floor will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Slip and fall accidents can cause pretty serious injuries, like head trauma and broken bones. In fact, injuries caused by bad falls account for almost 20% of medical emergency room visits in America every year.   Nobody wants people to get hurt, so whether you’re running a business or hanging out at home, preventing anyone from slipping and falling should be your number one priority. Safety precautions like safe-grip are particularly important for business owners. If someone sustains injuries on your establishment’s property, it’s not just an unfortunate accident. You could might be held responsible for their medical bills, or worse- run the risk of experiencing a lawsuit. This will use up valuable time and resources and is just an overall unpleasant experience to be involved in. By using safe-grip on your concrete floors, you make your environment safer for everyone and protect yourself from injury and financial losses.

Thanks for reading. For more information about epoxy coatings, adding grip to any concrete surface or any one of our other services give us a call or contact us via email.

5 Man Cave Essentials

Conversion of a garage to a man caveA popular homeowner trend right now is to convert your garage or basement into a  ‘man cave’. Some people even say that the modern home isn’t complete without a personal male sanctuary. We would have to agree.  It’s a smart way to use the extra space the basement or garage provides, and gives the man of the house his own space to practice his hobbies, play video games, or even just take a minute to relax. Psychologists and doctors even say that having a ‘man-space’ in your home is good for your marriage, family relationships and your stress levels, because having a personal space to get away from it all helps you manage tension and solve problems.

If you’re looking to convert your garage into a cool and relaxing man sanctuary,  we’ve made a list of five basic essentials to get you started. Bear in mind that everyone’s tastes are different, so what your space becomes is entirely dependent on what YOU need to do to relax.

1. Bar

Depending on your budget, your bar can be a fancy designer set up- or just a good fridge that has enough space for all your favorite beverages. What matters is that it keeps the drinks cold and doesn’t add too much to your electricity bill. Add a personal touch to your bar by considering choosing something to do with your favorite sports team or comic book hero. There are plenty of options out there, so keep looking until you find the right one that reflects your personal tastes (and impresses your buddies).

2. Easy chairs
Couch for a man cave.

One basic rule of having a man cave is that there must be a super comfortable place to hang out. Recliners are clearly the most popular choice here because they’re easy to find, super plush and of course- the gold standard for relaxing. A few standard Lay-Z Boy chairs should fit the bill, but there are of course a few hi-tech options available. Recliners with built in fridges, seat warmers or even video game consoles… the possibilities are endless.

3. Recreational gadgetsA pool table in a designer man cave.

Aside from purchasing a decent sized TV and a game console for your man space, it’s also a good idea to buy at least one thing that can be used as a social activity. Things like a pool table or a dart-board are pretty solid choices. That way, if you have friends over, you can instigate a bit of male bonding that doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around watching sports or drinking.

4. A sense of humor
Man cave decor

Got a funny poster your wife wouldn’t want you put up in the living room? Or a signed baseball jersey that was forbidden from being displayed in the bedroom? Your man cave is the perfect place for them. Don’t be afraid to decorate with things that make you laugh. There are no rules here, so let loose!

5. Custom flooringcustom_flooring_man_cave

Nothing spoils the sophisticated man cave vibe quite like old, chipped concrete flooring of your garage. A new epoxy floor coating or acid stain will update the room almost instantly. Why not do a custom floor that uses your favorite sports team’s colors?  Or a slick acid stain to give the room a more distinguished, vintage look?  With so many finish options- there’ll be something to suit everybody’s tastes.