In this project we were called in to fix a less than desirable attempt to apply a stain on the customers basement floor by another contractor. As you will see in the before and after photos, the difference in quality and appearance of one of our custom finishes is rather dramatic.

This beautifully designed vacation home in Manzanita, Oregon has a concrete slab, basement floor. With 1/4 inch saw cuts creating two foot squares, it was the owners desire to have the floor resemble terracotta tiles. We looked at this as the perfect opportunity to let our creative juices flow.

Acid Stained Floor Oregon Coast

The first thing to do was to remove all of the old single colored stain that had been applied. We did this by diamond grinding the surface, taking special precautions not to damage the already installed base moldings and doors. Once the surface preparation was complete we masked off all of the woodwork, walls, and the adjacent finished flooring. To create the look and feel of grout lines we filled the saw cuts with a charcoal gray polymer modified cement and then ground it flush with the slab. After that we applied various colors of non-reactive stains. By layering the different colors and utilizing the naturally occurring variances in the slab itself, we were able to give the “tiles” a modeled or marbled look that’s common in actual tile. From there we applied two coats of a zero VOC water based epoxy.

Acid Stained Floor Oregon Coast

The result: A stunning floor that looks and feels like tile, but has the durability of concrete. It was exactly what the owner wanted.

We would love to transform your concrete floor into a work of art too. Thank you for reading about our basement floors. If you would like to discuss a project at the Oregon Coast please contact us to schedule a free estimate.