Mop and sweep your garage floorsConcrete coatings are a great way to enhance your concrete floors. Not only will they look better, but they will hold up better to wear and tear and will last much longer as well. That doesn’t mean they are invincible though. Over time, you may have to perform minor maintenance to keep your epoxy floor in mint condition. At Bach Custom Coatings, we install some of the highest quality epoxy floors in Portland, Oregon. We have written this short guide to help you maintain the integrity and look of your epoxy floor.

Just like any other surface, your epoxy floors need to be cleaned occasionally. Luckily, unlike pock-marked concrete floors, epoxy floors provide a smooth and even surface for cleaning. Dirt and debris can get caught in cracks and potholes in your concrete. With an epoxy floor, the dirt has nowhere to go and can easily be swept away with a broom. Oil and other substances also seep deep into concrete surfaces, but an epoxy coating acts as a shield against stains. If you do spill oil or a similar substance on your epoxy floor, you can use a mild detergent and a soft brush to wash away any spills. If you notice that your floor is scuffed or parts of it are showing signs of wear, you can reapply the topcoat and it will look brand new again. How soon you have to reapply the top coat largely depends on how you use your floor and how well you maintain it.

Untreated concrete floors are difficult to clean and maintain and are not known for being pleasing to the eye. An epoxy coating can solve all of these problems.