Designer Epoxy FlooringA concrete floor is dull, uninviting and unsafe to work on. As time goes by, your concrete floors will only deteriorate further. An epoxy coating solves all of these problems, and can greatly enhance any concrete surface in your home or business. At Bach Custom Coatings, we specialize in working with epoxy paints and other concrete coating materials. We can transform your warehouse, kitchen or garage floor in Portland, Oregon into a work of art. Below we have outlined a few of the benefits that come with coating your concrete floors with epoxy.

First of all, epoxy-coated concrete floors are much more pleasing to look at than concrete slabs. They can be applied with a glossy shine that mimics the look of marble or metal. They can also be completely customized. You can choose to go with one or two colors for your entire floor, or you can choose to mix it up and create an artistic design or pattern.

Epoxy coatings also improve the safety of a traditional concrete floor. Concrete floors chip and crack easily, they absorb liquids and chemicals and they can be very difficult to clean. Epoxy floors can be textured to provide better traction, and they are highly resistant to chemical spills, heavy impacts, fire and water. Unlike concrete floors, which are often uneven or covered with ruts and fractures, epoxy floors provide a perfectly even surface that is much easier to clean at the end of the day. They will also last much longer and require very little in the way of maintenance.

Epoxy Floor Portland Oregon

If you are interested in getting an epoxy floor in Portland, Oregon, the professionals at Bach Custom Coatings can handle any project. We have installed hundreds of epoxy and acid stain floors throughout the Portland metro area, so we have the expertise to do the job right the first time.